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 Eating and everyday habits are one of the most important factors that have a direct impact on the human health. If we can form good habits, a scientifically well-controlled living regime, the ability to reduce diseases will be most effective. However, in today’s modern and more convenient life not everyone can do this well.

 More responsible new habits need to be developed

Bad habits in everyday activities cover the use of household and food products, cosmetics, and functional foods of poor quality, including counterfeit goods and the goods containing toxic substances that are considered to be a major cause of many diseases. Consumers use these kinds of goods inadvertently or because they are not equipped with necessary knowledge. This fact explains why the number of fatal disease cases has risen dramatically in Vietnam, typically cancer in recent years. According to the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Vietnam, the country has an estimated 94,000 cancer deaths per year. Alarmingly, the number of people with cancer is getting younger and is increasing rapidly. How to guide people to form the habit of using products of good quality has become a big question.

The journey to break the silent death of Global Malls

Facing this situation, scientists and the authorities are looking for solutions to prevent and drive back diseases, particularly cancer. It is also a big question for many entrepreneurs who care for the health of Vietnamese people. In the process of developing their brands, these firms have spent a lot of time researching products of high quality, friendly with the environment in order to changing the habits of Vietnamese consumers. One of the notable contributions of such firms in recent time is the launch of the chain of natural origin consumer products and cosmetics branded GMnature (GMN) and food products branded GFnature (GFn) of the Global Malls Joint Stock Company.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phu – chairman of the boart of directors of Global Malls

 Global Malls JSC was established based on the ideas and aspirations of Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phu and his close associates. The birth of GMn and GFn brands is rooted in real life. Seeing many deaths caused by cancer in Vietnam, Phu was very sad and felt sorry for patients. He was anxious and always wondered “what can I do to drive back cancer?”. Phu called for his associates to join hands with pharmacists to research and find out the answers as he knew that human disease is caused by environmental pollution, toxic chemicals, pesticides and also bad habits in the way of eating and in daily activities.

 Witnessing people around him, such as relatives, neighbors and colleagues, Phu realized that having contact with the surrounding environment such as the floor, clothing, dishwashing liquid and the frequent use of instant, canned food and functional foods … are the basic factors that directly affect the health of people. That fact motivated Phu to take action. He went to find the truth from where it started, claiming that nature is the best human habitat and nature always contains so many precious gifts that mankind has wasted or even is destroying them. Throughout the process of finding the answer, Phu always raised the spirit of “All for a healthier community.” So his every action, every thought always take ethics as the measure and guideline.

Phu himself and researchers went to many regions to find high-quality raw materials. Recently, his company signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on preservation and development of medical plants with the Dong Thap Muoi Medical Plant Research and Development JSC in Moc Hoa District, Long An Province. By finding the source of high-quality materials along with the morality and wisdom of a visionary entrepreneur, after many years of research, Phu and his team of pharmacists have found the answer through the successful manufacturing of the 100% natural product line, which is the fruit of of many factors. With respect to ethics and community interests, Phu is considered one of the pioneers in creating safe, natural, environmentally friendly products in Vietnam. “Global Malls hopes that our products will be useful gifts for Vietnamese people, which can help minimize pathogens for human. That is the greatest goal that we are pursuing,” Phu said.

In the near future, Global Malls will launch about 20 consumer and cosmetic products (GMN) and 20 food products (GFn) to meet the demand for high-quality, natural and environmental friendly goods of Vietnamese people.

Being aware that Vietnamese consumers are heavily dependent on manufacturers and with the alarming bell of human value in every business, we need more pioneers like Global Malls – the business that always puts the human factor on the first place. With what Global Malls has performed and achieved, its products will surely touch the love and trust of consumers across the country.

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